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Captain Magne Rødland

    • Former Captain worldwide, site manager new building, flag and port state inspector and developer of the ballast system CEOBAS (Continuous Exchange Of Ballast At Sea.)

    My concern is that non of the system that are being accepted and approved for use today are good enough tomorrow. One thing is for sure, as time go by and “tomorrow” comes, flag states will have to be more strict if the problem should be solved. New and better/more accurate way of indicating unwanted microorganism and ballast monitoring will be enforced. Even small amount of UM located the sediments, behind frames, in pipes and sea cheats, can lead to major stop in the cargo operation. Some ships will have to leave port with less cargo or alternatively pump the entire ballast into “UM quarantine station” tanks located ashore where the ballast will be evaluated, rinsed / distilled to make sure there are no UM left. This due to the fact that some of these microorganisms have no enemies in the new environment and therefore can be speeded rapidly and do serious harm to “sea farming” and local fisheries in general.

    Most of todays used rinsing possibilities can not be improved, not because of the system it self, but because of the way the ballast tanks and related pipes are constructed. To many frames, longitudinal, webs, pipes, sea chest etc. put a stopper for an effectively emptying/ circulating, cleaning or filtering of the entire ballast quantity.   

    The bottom line is, do the ballast tank have to be constructed this way, is its technical possibilities to give the ballast tank another construction to meet above criteria.

    CEOBAS is under development and will be construct in a way that that there is no buoyance from the tanks while the ship is empty or partly loaded. The empty cargo space will than give the ship the necessary buoyance. And by a simple activating the buoyancy tank as they are needed. This means tat the ballast kept onboard at all time is originated, not longer than a ship length from the ship.


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05.03 | 19:52

I hope as many as possible comment my ide for next generation ballast free ships.

05.03 | 19:39

I hope as many as possible comment my ide for next generation ballast free ships. Today ship need to take ballast onboard ballast when they cross an ocean in light draft. Light draft can be du to high volume cargoes with low weight or the ship is empty. A